Discover the advantage of innovative tech, blockchains and next-gen tech for your business


We are an experinced consultancy, advising on IT systems including the blockchain based ecosystems protocols, decentralised networks, smart contracts, distributed ledgers and apps, API's etc. Our independent and unbiased knowledge, backed up traditional technology expertise make us a suitable partner for any organisation looking to develop this exciting new ways of working and innovations like artificial intelligence.


What we do


  • Understand the client needs, business opportunities and competitive landscape.
  • Undertake the Oxford University blockchain strategy methodology for ideation and explorataion.
  • Develop the strategy and action plan.


  • Help our clients setup a blockchain change programme.
  • Find development and project resources for project enablement.
  • Manage and oversee roll-out programmes when required.


  • Our consultants are able to investigate traditional and innovative technology systems (like blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of things).
  • They actively undertake due diligence using a proven methodology.


  • Blockchain is a new area of technology
  • It can be very technical in nature - which can hide its very many strengths.
  • We focus on helping staff transition into the blockchain world by workshops, masterclasses and talks.

Do you need blockchain advice?
• Would you like to explore blockchains, smart contracts, distributed ledgers and decentralized networks?
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